Recycle Old Computers

Recycle Old Computers in the Kalamazoo AreaWhile all of the components of a computer are made of different materials and require diverse disposal efforts, they can be recycled through a variety of drop-off locations and take-back programs.

  • There is a free solution for Kalamazoo area residents. The Kalamazoo County Household Hazardous Waste Center provides free disposal and recycling services for one computer system per year free of charge. Additional computers and electronics may be dropped off for a small fee. Small businesses may also use the service.
  • The local Kalamazoo business Biddergy allows you to auction your old equipment, among many other things, for a small service fee, assuming the computer is not “too old”.
  • Schupan Industrial Recycling will weigh your old equipment and cables for scrap. They may also pay you up to $5 for your old computer tower.